Welcome to ADN Medicare Solutions.

We help Associations who are concerned that their Medicare eligible members might struggle with their new healthcare choices.

Our Medicare Navigator Program is designed to help. It allows you to offer tools during this transition for your members, without adding any more administrative burden on you.

Members who enjoyed group-based healthcare throughout their careers can be easily overwhelmed by the options they have and by the bombardment of advertisements they receive. Mountains of mail, email, phone calls and commercials all vie for their attention.

We offer education, advice and enrollment services from dozens of national and local carriers who offer Medigap, Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans. We work for your, not any carrier or plan.

Best of all, our services are free to you and to your employees and members, whether they choose to use our services or not. In fact, most plans offer referral fees to organizations like yours for each member who enrolls.

Take a look at our some of short, bite sized educational video. They can be viewed as a series or searched to show only topics of interest. (link to videos)

If you want to explore our comparison and enrollment tool, you can see it here (link to tool)

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